Rugged Android Tablet RP1600X

The Gen2Wave’s RP1600X gives utmost working efficiency, accuracy and reduces time of working hours with its light weight and ergonomic design. RP1600X allows the user to access data anytime while out in the field, transmitting information back to an office instantly. Additionally, Gen2Wave’s proprietary supporting software such as Autosetup, Kioskmode and Self-Test application allows more convenient user interface for RP1600X.
Rugged Smartphone armed with Hexa-Core processor

Provide better service and efficiency with RP1600X. RP1600X is rugged smartphone with hexa-core processor. Work more effectively to serve your customer or citizen in various application field by using RP1600X. Work-ready and pocket-sized, RP1600X will bring ultimate mobility with true functionality. This feature-rich RP1600X runs in Android 11. 4.3 inch display with compact, pocketable design enables users to carry it conveniently anywhere. There are high quality 1D laser, 2D imager enables accurate data capture. RP1600X is valuable tool for field service operation, utility meter reading, parking enforcement, sale force automation, postal service, retail shop, healthcare, and restaurant order taking.

Hexa-Core Platform Performance
RP1600X has latest Android platform
with 1.8GHz Hexa Core Processor
and Android 11,
which enables stable mega-speed
processing for robust application.
13.0 Mega Pixel High Resolution Camera
RP1600X’s camera is provided with autofocus and
LED flash, and Android SDK support.
Accurate and Reliable
Automatic Data Capture
Pocketable and Rugged,
IP 64 Waterproof, 1.5M Drop
Dust, spilled coffee or raindrops are no match for RP1600X. Born with toughness against dust and water, RP1600X is certified with IP64 sealing, 1.5 meter multitude drop resistant, and operating temperature of -20℃ to 60℃. Both capacitive and resistive touch is available. The RP1600X is adequate to use in any challenging environments.
Gorilla Glass 3 and Capacitive
Touch Screen
The touch screen of RP1600X is equipped with 3rd generation Gorilla Glass.
And with the extremely high sensitivity of the capacitive touch screen,
RP1600X allows to be operated even with gloves on.
Reliable High Speed and
Multimode Connectivity
The RP1600X offers latest and advanced technology of connectivity options
With wireless LAN of IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac connection and Bluetooth V4.2
BLE enable data connection, all information is to be transferred back to
the main server for verification.