All-in-One Mobile Terminal

Biometric Tablet RP70A BIO

Rugged Biometric & Identity Document Reading Tablet

RP70A BIO is the purpose-built device for mobile authentication and registration of individual identity. It uses integrated professional MRZ scanner, smartcard reader contact or contactless, a fingerprint sensor, an iris recognition, a facial recognition camera, 1D and 2D Barcode scanner and MSR. For law enforcement, border control, civil enrolment and elections, or firms that want to check employee/visitor IDs, the use of RP70A BIO for fingerprint and facial recognition is invaluable. It enables improved security by including three types of biometrics in one mobile terminal: fingerprint, iris and facial recognition. RP70A BIO uses the latest Android platform with advanced security features as well as reliable and high speed connectivity options as 4G LTE. It ensures safety and durability in daily operations. RP70A BIO will greatly streamline any challenging tasks of mobile ID authentication and registration.
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Professional & Dedicated MRZ Reader
Highly Effective, Reliable and Accurate Reading

Unlike camera and 2D Imager-based readers, its performance is not affected by
  • Light reflection on the MRZ page
  • Hand tremors

    Moreover operators do not have to adjust distance between the page and camera or 2D imager, which causes a lot of time consuming and deteriorates productivity.
  • Ultra powerful RFID Antenna & Optimized RFID Reader
    enabling to read any kinds of ePassport chip data in prompt (2~3 sec) and reliable manner

    tested with 120+ countries’ ePassports

    Normal NFC reader takes 10~12 sec. and it cannot read most of ePassport due to shielding on a passport

    MRZ and Tag Reading in one process
    Insert ePassport into MRZ reading slot then tag reading is done automatically

    Multi-modal Biometrics
    Fingerprint, Dual Iris Capturing, Facial Recognition

    Fingerprint Scanner (FAP20)

    FBI PIV / FIPS201 Certified

    FBI Mobile ID FAP20 Certified
    Multi-modal Biometrics

    Fingerprint, Dual Iris Capturing, Facial Recognition
    Dual Iris Scanner
    Camera : 5MP B&W CMOS sensor
    Operating Range : 320±40mm (11"~14")
    Resolution : Above 160 pixel/cm
    Iris Capture Volume : 130mm x 45mm x 80mm
    Illumination : IR LED
    Image : 2592 x 920 x 30 Frame

    Multi-modal Biometrics
    Fingerprint, Dual Iris Capturing, Facial Recognition
    Facial Recognition supported

    Rugged & Compact Design
    Compact & Light Weight
    Optimized to nomad work environment

    Reliable Solution
    TAA Compliant

    FBI Certified

    U.S. GSA registered

    NFC Reader
    ISO/IEC 14443
    ISO/IEC 15693
    Powerful Android Platform
    RP70A BIO has the latest and powerful Android platform with 1.8GHZ Hexa Core CPU, Android 11 with 4GB RAM, 32GB ROM. All powerful engine enables speedy and seamless processing of robust applications.

    Mobile Contact SmartCard Reader
    ISO / IEC 7816

    Reliable High Speed Multi Mode Connectivity
    Speedy and secure data communication with a remote data center like AFIS is critical to ensure successful field operation. Thus, the RP70A BIO offers latest and advanced technology of connectivity options

    Professional Barcode Scanner

    Connectivity Specification
    Frequency band EU (USA Optional)
    4G LTE : 800, 900, 1800, 2100, 2600Mhz
    3G HSPA+ : 900, 2100Mhz
    2G GSM/GPRS : 900, 1800Mhz
    IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
    V4.2 BLE
    A-GPS, GLONASS (Optional)
    RP70A BIO Testing Video
    Technical Specification
    CPU 1.8 GHz Hexa-core CPU
    Cortex A72 Dual-core 1.8GHz
    Cortex A53 Quad core 1.4Ghz
    OS Android 11
    Memory RAM 4GB, ROM 32GB (64GB/128GB optional)
    Communication Interface Tablet Side : USB3.0A Host, USB2.0 OTG
    External Serial RS232C
    Touch Panel Capacitive Touch / Gorilla Glass 3 / 10 point multi touch
    Drop/Sealing 1.2m (4 ft.) drop to concrete / IP65
    Operating Temperature -20℃ ~ 60℃
    Storage Temperature -30℃ ~ 70℃
    Humidity Non-condensing, 93%
    Dimensions 213mm(H) x 195.3mm(W) x 30.55mm / 20.95mm(D)
    Weight 850g
    Display 7.0Inch / HD(1280x800)
    Display Visibility 700 nits (cd/m²)
    Input 3 Front keys, 5 Side keys (Programmable)
    Battery Extended Battery Li-Polymer 10,050mAh (embedded)
    Audio Dual Speaker / MIC
    Wireless (WWAN) Frequency band EU (USA Optional)
    4G LTE : 800, 900, 1800, 2100, 2600MHz
    3G HSPA+ : 900, 2100MHz
    2G GSM/GPRS : 900, 1800MHz
    Wireless LAN IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
    Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.2 BLE
    GPS AGPS, GLONASS (optional)
    Notification Vibration and Charging LED
    Camera 13MP Rear Camera / 2.0MP Front Camera
    Data Capture
    OCR (MRZ) Font : OCR B
    MRZ Lines
    1 line : IDL, CAN, etc
    2 line : ID2 cards, ePP
    3 line : eID
    Fingerprint Module Module : BM-Slim 2 Suprema
    Sensor Type : Optical Sensor
    Sensing Area : 16.5mm(W) x 21mm(L)
    Pixel Resolution : 500 dpi
    Gray Scale : 256 level
    Output Image Format : RAW, BMP, WSQ, ISO 19794-4
    Format : FBI PIV certified, FBI Mobile ID FAP 20 certified
    Iris Recognition Camera : 5MP B&W CMOS sensor
    Operating Range : 320±40mm (11"~14")
    Resolution : Above 160 pixel/cm
    Iris Capture Volume : 130mm x 45mm x 80mm
    Illumination : IR LED
    Image : 2592 x 920 x 30 Frame
    Facial Recognition Facial Recognition available : 13MP Camera
    RFID Chip Card Reader Global eID & ePassport RFID chip Card Reader
    ISO 14443 A & B Parts 1-4, MIFARE®

    ISO 14443-4 Compliant Card, T=CL 
    MIFARE® Classic Card, T=CL
    Optimized for e-Passport and eID card RFID chip

    It is our proprietary reader with powerful antenna.
    All kinds of ePassport RFID chip readable in prompt and reliable manner.
    IC Chip Card Reader ISO 7816 Certification
    Scanner 2D Imager (Zebra SE4710)
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    All-in-one EID and Biometric Terminal

    Law Enforcement & Public Services

    Border Control & Refugee Registration

    Benefit Delivery

    Compulsory ID Registration

    Membership Management and Customer Registration

    Voting and Ballot Box