To help improve your RMA customer experience, be prepared to submit the following information by mail :

◎ Sales Order / Purchase Order number(s)
◎ Product Serial Number (S/N)(s)
◎ Detailed description(s) of alleged failure mode(s) (if defect related return request)
◎ Reason for return
◎ Contact information and billing / return shipment address

If You Purchased Product Through an Authorized Distributor (AD)

Please request the RMA from the appropriate distributor where you purchased your product.

If You Purchased Directly from Gen2Wave Co.

If you are an Authorized Distributor (AD), Gen2Wave Abroad Sales Office, or Direct-Customer who purchased the product(s) directly from Gen2Wave Co., request RMA from the appropriate Gen2Wave Customer Service Representative assigned to your account. Note: A separate RMA request must be made for each different product number & serial number. When returning multiple RMAs, please group and label each RMA separately.

RMA Turnaround Time

The time required to process RMAs varies by product, Original Place of Purchase, geographic region, and the reason for return. To help minimize turnaround time and to help reduce any delays, follow the instructions provided. These instructions may include a request to complete a technical questionnaire. Depending on the reason for the return, be prepared to provide detailed description of the alleged failure mode and other technical information, including photos / images, which can assist in analysis. Note: Incomplete or inaccurate information may delay processing of returns. In addition, if the product has been found to be improperly installed or used it may result in no credit given.

Test and Measurement Return Material Authorization (RMA) Request

Repairs delivered with superior processes and historic knowledge base We know your business is conducted in harsh and rugged environments where damage is possible. Test & Measurement Repair services provide committed turnaround times, cost savings and expert technical support direct from the manufacturer. Factory certified repairs enable you to continue meeting your application requirements.

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