Iris ID Tech Appears in New Multimodal Tablet (RP70A BIO of Gen2wave

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Iris ID Tech Appears in New Multimodal Tablet
May 4, 2021

Iris ID’s iris recognition technology will be appearing in a new handheld tablet from MetaDolce Technologies. MetaDolce’s RP70A BIO tablet is manufactured by Gen2Wave in South Korea, and is designed to enable biometric registration and authentication while in the field.

Iris ID Tech Appears in New Multimodal Tablet
To that end, the RP70A BIO offers support for multiple biometric modalities, including face, fingerprint, and iris recognition. The latter is delivered through Iris ID’s dual eye OUM200UD optical module, which comes with Iris ID’s matching software and can pick up the user’s iris at a distance of 15 inches.

The tablet itself also comes with MRZ capabilities, in addition to a smart card reader and a barcode scanner. Iris ID believes that the RP70A BIO will have applications in several different sectors, including healthcare, law enforcement, and border patrol. MetaDolce, meanwhile, is acting as the distributor for the tablet in North America. The various parties noted that the RP70A is well-suited to outdoor environments, since the screen remains readable even in direct sunlight, while the touchscreen is sensitive enough to read inputs from gloved hands.

“The speed, accuracy and convenience of Iris ID’s software makes an already innovative mobile tablet even better,” said MetaDolce CEO Moshe Meppen. “The contactless technology is ideal for use during the current pandemic and may be used for registration and identification of employees having received the COVID-19 vaccine.”

“We are excited to have our dual eye optical module integrated into the RP70A as Iris ID continues expanding its ecosystem,” added Iris ID Global Sales VP Mohammed Murad. “The RP70A offers a tremendous number of technologies in a compact tablet.”

Information Controls recently integrated Iris ID’s IrisTime iT100 platform into its TimeTerminal attendance solution, while Merrion Vaults replaced fingerprint sensors with iris recognition tech from Iris ID in its safe deposit boxes. The IrisTime solution won in the “Best Facial/Iris Recognition” category at the 2020 ASTOR Awards.

May 4, 2021 – by Eric Weiss