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Powerful tool for police, healthcare workers and other professionals

By Keesing Platform -06/05/2021

Several cutting-edge technologies have been combined in a convenient tool for mobile identity authentication and registration. Iris ID’s contactless, iris-based biometric hardware and software are incorporated in the RP70A BIO handheld tablet manufactured by Gen2Wave and distributed by MetaDolce Technologies.

The RP70A BIO tablet is specially designed to allow for biometric registration and authentication while in the field and on-the-go. It is designed for use by law enforcement, border patrol agents, healthcare professionals, venue management, event registration, and government agencies. The RP70A also functions well outdoors, as the screen can be read even in direct sunlight, and the touchscreen is sensitive enough to read inputs from gloved hands.

The all-in-one tablet hosts a dual iris and facial recognition camera, fingerprint sensor, smart card reader, MRZ and barcode scanner. A dual eye Iris ID optical module (OUM200UD) captures data at distances of about 15 inches. The powerful Android platform with 4GB RAM enables fast and seamless processing.

Moshe Meppen, chief executive officer, MetaDolce Technologies, Inc. which distributes the RP70A BIO throughout North America, says, “The contactless Iris ID technology is ideal for use during the current pandemic and may be used for registration and identification of employees having received the COVID-19 vaccine.”


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